Our story

Growing tech and SaaS start-ups and scale-ups is what we do

Leadtree is the culmination of two best friends’ individual journeys, based on shared values, a commitment to partnership, and a shared joy of the tech start-up culture.   An ambitious company led by a growth-oriented team, Leadtree is moving forward with integrity, sustainability and transparency at its heart.  As it does so, it’s well on its way to becoming THE growth driver for B2B tech start-ups in the DACH region.

Maxim Karl


Maxim believes people buy—and build relationships—with their hearts and minds, and so understanding how the mind works leads to better relationships, better results for clients, and better business outcomes. 


After studying psychology, Maxim discovered a keen interest in business.


After graduating, Maxim led a successful career in the tech start-up space. This experience cemented Maxim’s belief that technology isn’t helpful without people. Sales and marketing only exist to help people make better decisions, so having empathy for how people think—their motivations and emotions—is incredibly powerful.

Mario Sinz

Chief of Growth

Mario studied international business management before moving into SaaS Sales.


Starting as an Outbound Sales Development Rep, Mario honed a knack for uncovering new opportunities, nurturing relationships and translating them into sales conversions.


His path ultimately led him to scale the DACH sales team at an international tech unicorn.


Following this achievement, he regrouped with Maxim at Leadtree where he’s been able to share his knowledge of best-in-class start-up sales with early-stage start-ups in DACH.

With the help of Klimahelden e.V.

The Leadtree Pledge

While accelerating companies’ growth doesn’t directly benefit the planet, Leadtree want to have a positive impact. That’s why they have introduced the Leadtree Pledge: Plant one tree for every meeting booked. That’s where the name came from, if you were wondering.

Because Leadtree believe that small actions taken by many people can have a great impact.